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We have rabbits for show, breeding and pet! Over the past few years we have traveled over the western United States to aquire some of the best show quality rabbits from some of the top breeders. We are specializing in only Holland Lops that are tame with beautiful color traits. Some of the colors we are working on are sable point, BEW, Orange, Broken Orange, creams chestnut, tort, black, broken blacks, opals, chinchilla, chocolates. With selective breeding we are achieving awesome colors and structure anyone would be proud to show. For those interested in show rabbits we have awesome bloodlines from champion winners and some with 20+ show legs. With five handlers here our bunnies get a lot of attention and handling from birth up. We have taught some of our rabbits to do tricks and these rabbits are easy to bond with quickly. We encourage you to try a bunny from us. You may even wish to see our nursery with a clean climate controlled facility. Our bunnies are clean well groomed. 

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Our newest black and white!

Our newest Black VM!

The newest broken blue tort!